Weddings, Corporate Events, Festivals, Brand Launches, we've done it all so we understand the demands. We work with you to build something you can rely on so that when it comes to event day you aren't even thinking about production - we'll have it all covered.  We have the most efficient equipment, and a veteran team of engineers making it all run smoothly for you.  Let us show you what a difference the Middle Coast Group can make for your next event.



Often times in the live events industry the importance of quality in staffing is not given enough emphasis.  We build and train staff specific to the event - as an example we even have a team that focuses on the craft beer and spirits industry conducting unique events focused on education and tasting.


Middle Coast Group was originally founded with a focus on Live Audio & Lighting that would be offered in a way that concentrated on the experience.  We don't show up for an event and setup the same old P.A. and lighting system every time, we walk through the space in advance and put together the best possible custom package of equipment that will make the space shine.  Sure, it takes a little extra time and planning, but that little bit of extra makes a big and positive difference when it comes to the experience.  We have handled events of all sizes and give every one the same obsessive attention to detail, its just who we are. 

Wedding DJ's

This deserves its own section! The Wedding DJ is the lynchpin of your reception, and there is no room for error.  We work with several of the best Wedding DJ's in the midwest - as with all of our services, we'll work with you to build the perfect playlist, select the right sound system and lighting arrangement for your space, and the right personality to fit your vision.

Event Planning

Over the years members of our team have been involved with event planning at every level, and we want to pass that experience along to you.  We can be fully integrated and take you from the idea phase all the way through the event cleanup, or we can simply help you organize your budget and seek out sponsors, we will put together a custom quote for exactly the services you need.